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Many of our customers require digital, GPS-based truckload visibility for their shipments. So, when you move a load for us, you will be prompted to connect via FourKites. (We’ll receive notifications that your load is on track to deliver on time, and you’ll get fewer check-in calls from us — a win-win!)
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Ditch the manual updates. Spend less time on the phone, and more time on the road. We’ll receive proactive updates on your location only while you’re hauling our load, so you’ll get fewer calls and emails from us. (Rest assured, once your shipment has been delivered, our connection is automatically disconnected.)
Get the job done faster. Access free turn-by-turn truck-specific navigation, reduce detention times, and get paid more quickly.
Find the information you need, when you need it. Learn what documents are required for gate-in, contact the appointment scheduler, find out about facility amenities, and more.
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Need help? Watch a brief video tutorial on how to download CarrierLink app (click here for iPhone; click here for Android), or email

Move a Lot of Freight with Us? Connect via ELD.

Tucker uses FourKites’ ELD integration because our carrier partners can receive freight visibility without having to provide more information than necessary. You can turn broker partner connections on and off at your discretion and your private ELD credentials are not shared with us (or any other brokers, shippers, or carriers, for that matter).
Receive proactive location updates on the loads you are hauling. You can also receive notifications when your trucks leave delivery areas
Leverage insights to get your trucks loaded and on their way faster. (Think: facility-level wait time data to improve scheduling and reduce dwell time.)
Benefit from the secure transfer of data. You can rest easy knowing your shipment information is never shared without your consent.
Connecting via ELD takes about 10 minutes, and you’ll need your DOT or VAT identification number; your ELD or GPS provider name and credentials for your truck and trailer; and your asset identification number for testing purposes.
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Need assistance? Check out FourKites’ brief Partner Hub video tutorial or email for help getting started.
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Whether you have a simple question about our services, or a complicated logistics problem – we are happy to help answer any questions you might have.
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