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Recognition coincides with the company’s industry-leading achievement of 99.4% digital, GPS-based truckload visibility; solidifies position at the forefront of the evolving freight transportation marketplace.
HADDONFIELD, N.J. – Aug. 7, 2020 – Tucker Company Worldwide, the oldest privately-held freight brokerage in North America, has been named a Top 100 3PL by Inbound Logistics for the 19th year in a row, on the heels of achieving nearly 100% real-time digital, GPS-based truckload visibility.

“Our 19-year legacy as a top 100 3PL underscores our commitment to consistently pushing the envelope for our customers as the transportation industry continues to grow and evolve,” said Jeff Tucker, CEO, Tucker Company Worldwide. “One of our greatest accomplishments over the past year has been reaching 99.4% digital, GPS-based truckload visibility, which we see as a launching pad for so much more. Looking ahead, with those connections, we aim to improve scheduling and proactively alter appointment times to avoid delays, fines, and disappointment; avoid temperature excursions and mitigate issues as they arise; and provide increased security via video surveillance — especially on high-value loads as the Internet of Things (IoT) develops these capabilities.”

Top 100 3PL awardees are named following a careful selection process that includes an evaluation of all submissions, personal interviews, online research, and a comparison of the findings to that of their audience’s growing global supply chain and logistics challenges.

“When choosing the 2020 Top 100 3PL Providers, we looked for providers who offer the visibility, flexibility, speed, and control that drive the supply chain solutions our audience needs to achieve their goals and meet customers’ evolving needs,” said Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics. “Inbound Logistics is proud to honor Tucker Company Worldwide for innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence in 2020.”
About Tucker Company Worldwide
Tucker Company Worldwide is the oldest privately-held freight brokerage in North America, specializing in notoriously complicated freight, like temperature-controlled, oversized, and high-value, high-security shipments. Freight security and quality processes and procedures are at the center of the business, evidenced by its ISO 9001:2015 certification and underlined by its meticulous approach to carrier selection.
About Inbound Logistics
Inbound Logistics, the demand-driven logistics magazine, is the leading multi-channel content provider targeted toward business logistics and supply chain managers. Inbound Logistics’ mission is to help companies of all sizes better manage corporate resources by speeding and reducing inventory and supporting infrastructure, and better matching demand signals to supply lines. More information is available at
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