Delivering Your Promises to Customers Around the Globe

Tucker is certified NVOCC and Ocean Freight Forwarder and we are re-writing the book on international freight! The international freight and logistics industry has long suffered from inexcusably poor or non-existent customer service and responsiveness.

Do Any Of These Issues Sound Familiar?

  • Has your forwarder’s customer service been poor, or non-existent?
  • Has your ocean carrier stopped handling inland freight?
  • Is more work and responsibility on your shoulders today?
  • Does your freight arrive to port with no notification to you?
  • Have you spent thousands, or even millions on unnecessary demurrage charges?
  • Does it take you one or more full time employees (FTEs) to manage demurrage or detention?
  • Have you had FDA or other agency delays, due in part to the actions, inactions, or lack of capabilities of your international freight partners?
  • Is your drayage company compliant with your corporate requirements?
  • Has theft been a problem?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’re not alone. Let Tucker help.

This is a short list of the international freight problems Tucker Company Worldwide is helping some of the world’s most respected brands solve. One recent solution saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in demurrage in a few months, for one client, on one product line. The solution also freed at least one FTE from the drudgery of demurrage paperwork, allowing time for more important and creative logistical challenges.