Freight Type Specialties

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Many people know us as a service provider for their type of freight only, whether it is dry van, managed LTL services or expedited freight. However, Tucker’s expertise extends well beyond those service offerings to some pretty interesting jobs, some high profile, high security and extremely delicate items too.

Tucker Company Worldwide has provided responsible, competitively priced and highly reliable truckload services to the following industries for over 50 years.

High Value & High Security Freight (Electronics, Currency, Metals)

Tucker is the preferred transportation provider to shippers of High Value and High Security Goods.

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We have been safely delivering results using secure, trusted and innovative logistic methods. Your brand is priceless, and we recommend that you protect it with Tucker’s Secured Carrier Programs.

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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Life science leaders trust Tucker with cold, cool, ambient supply chains and pharmaceuticals.

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Two of the biggest threats to this industry are capacity and theft. Shipping your products with any carrier who has access to temperature controlled trucks can result in a loss of product if that truck hasn’t been properly maintained. Reduce risk and let Tucker vet the carriers for you. Tucker uses an industry changing Secured Carrier program that ensures the carriers hauling your load are the best on the road.

Your brand is priceless – protect it with Tucker’s Secured Carrier program. Tucker’s team seeks to thoroughly understand your expectations. We read your standards of care (SOC), and train our team and the carriers we hire to support your business, as you requested. Tucker safely delivers results and is the most trusted, secure and innovative transportation leaser in the Life Science industry.

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Oil, Coke, Refinery, Pipeline & Energy Industry Freight

Tucker has served the energy industry for over 50 years. In fact, we have clients that have been utilizing Tucker for over 50 years.

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Tucker has exclusively managed the inbound transportation of non-letter/parcel shipments to some of the nation’s largest oil refineries for over a dozen years, and today we continue to be the most secure, trusted and innovative leader in the energy industry today.

We arrange everything from springs, valves and miscellaneous parts, to time sensitive over-dimensional shipments. Tremendous savings opportunities exist within all segments of the oil refining industry to trim costs of: freight, expediting, human resources and even overall product production costs, when companies take the time to understand what factors drive up costs.

Tucker has unparalleled skill and experience arranging freight for the largest names in refining, energy, and energy industry contractors.

Chemicals (Hazardous & Non-hazardous)

Located in “Chemicals Alley” Tucker has provided highly reliable and competitively priced truckload, partial truckload and LTL freight services to the chemical industry for over 50 years.

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Our customers include world leaders in the marketing, manufacturing and distributing of chemicals. If requested or required by our customer, we will contract with carriers who participate in the shipper-required voluntary programs, like SmartWay or Responsible Care program.

Delicate Freight (Artwork, Signs, Antennas, etc.)

Handling delicate and/or unusually shaped freight is all about the motor carrier chosen, and relaying shipper instructions and requirements clearly, so the carrier and driver thoroughly understand the shipper’s needs.

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Tucker knows carriers who specialize in this area, and whose operations seek to minimize handling and exposure of these goods. From world renowned artists’ work to High Definition (HDTV) antennas to awnings to exterior signs, Tucker arranges this freight and we understand the unique approach to proper shipping of these goods.

Shipping artwork, signs, antennas, awnings and other fragile freight must be handled differently. The various sizes, shapes and the fragile nature of these varied items make shipping them challenging. Combine those difficulties with the coordination of occasional delivery to a job site, and you can see why the shipping of signs, artwork, delicate machinery, etc., is as much of an art form as the concept and execution of design.

If it can move over the road – we’ve done it!

Every Fragile Item Shipper Shares the Same Three Freight Challenges:

  1. Damage Control
  2. Freight Bill Savings
  3. On-Time at Job Sites, or Meeting Crews

We get it. Meeting strict time constraints for pickups and deliveries is a natural for us, due to the carriers we work with. We work hard to nurture relationships with carriers that respond to meet cranes and crews at job sites across the country every week. We are excellent communicators and will keep you informed along the way.

For those extremely critical shipments, Tucker has numerous expedited carriers who offer limited guarantees that allow you to deduct part or all of the freight bill charges for late deliveries. These services must always be announced at time of quotation, before the freight ships, and specifically agreed to in writing by both parties, before pickup. Since each carrier’s guarantee terms are different, be sure to explain to us what you want, and be sure to get the terms in writing.