Dedicated Logistics

Tucker’s Dedicated Logistics Group is our 3PL/4PL business model. Our Dedicated Group is our fastest growing and largest single business segment. Our programs are designed to save money, increase performance, improve reporting and cost allocation and gain better visibility and control of supply chain costs. This group is comprised of special teams that are dedicated to meeting each client’s individual needs. We’ve proudly been named a Top 3PL provider for several years.

Ensuring Product Security

Tucker’s efficacy in understanding shipper requirements, and conveying them in quality communications to the motor carriers we use, has ensured product security for some of the best known corporate names in the world. It is a strength that strikingly and uniquely distinguishes us from not only brokers and other 3PLs, but from most carriers, too!

We are the only approved broker or freight arranging 3PL for some of the world’s best known brands, for just these reasons.

Every customer is unique with very different requirements. Every shipper of sensitive cargo has its own risk management requirements, not only do we actually read and communicate those requirements to carriers, but we take security to the next level. We have our own Risk Management department, that reports to ownership, not operations, with a special process for selecting and approving carriers to use. Often this requires having carriers meet, acknowledge and adhere to the shipper’s security requirements, too.

Your Brand Is Priceless

Protect It With Tucker’s Secured Carrier Programs™.

We (Literally) Wrote The Book On Carrier Selection

Since 2006, our CEO has chaired the committee that publishes the only trade association endorsed “Carrier Selection Framework.” We collaborate with the best minds in safety, security and risk management at USDOT and within the industry.

We Help You Maximize Compliance To Standards Of Care

Smart people assembled your standards of care (SOC). At Tucker, we get that. Many providers sign contracts and SOCs, and simply file them away. Tucker’s team seeks to thoroughly understand your expectations. Once we do, we train our team and work with “Secured Carriers” to support your business, as you requested, Our network of leading transportation security and safety experts is available to audit carriers for compliance.

Unique Secured Carrier Programs™

Tucker’s innovative and highly successful secured Carrier Programs ensure that your carefully designed SOC’s and business requirements are met by each carrier, and are reinforced. Your brand is priceless. Protect it with Tucker’s high performing Secured Carrier Programs™.

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The foundation of reliable carrier service is compliance with USDOT regulations. Tucker boasts capacity, but rest assured that the carriers we contract have been vetted through a rigorous “Fit For Use” analysis through our Risk Management department. This means that the carriers we select are continuously monitored through online, ongoing verification to ensure up to date authority, insurance, top safety ratings and basic scores.

We Dare You To Compare

Tucker offers services that are best in class and then we take it to the next level. Our standard, everyday service provides more security for your brand than all of our competitors, but our Secured Carrier Programs™ offer a level of brand security that our competitors can’t even come close to matching.

  1. QualifiedCarriers.comTM (used with permission) is a subscription-based online toolbox, used by shippers and Tucker, to manage USDOT compliance.
  2. Your FFU Standards for carriers may include: written verification of compliance to SOPs; insurance amounts; specified FMCSA safety ratings; other.
  3. Most shippers ask Tucker to select carriers. Some shippers approve carriers themselves, based on Tucker recommendations.
  4. Audit programs may include written self-assessments, on-site verifications and other services; audit pricing is variable.