Company History


Tucker Company Worldwide Inc. was founded in 1961 by Jacob A. Tucker, as J. A. Tucker & Company, after purchasing one of the few broker authorities in existence.

1961 – 1971

These ten years brought great success to J.A. Tucker & Company. Under Jake Tucker’s leadership, the company specialized in arranging the precise movement of plants, equipment and machinery, some of which involved the heavy industry that was leaving the Northeast, and moving South and West. Jake Tucker built up a loyal following of customers and great carrier partners, and was nicknamed “Tucker the Trucker” by his peers, though he never owned a truck!

Tucker served as a contact for shippers of large, capital goods, such as Sun Oil, Campbell Soup, General Electric, Rolls Royce and RCA. These notable firms needed a company that specialized in shipping oversized and overweight loads. Performance was critical in moving this kind of freight, due to expensive cranes and the project management of crews at origin and destination and J.A. Tucker & Company was the only company to provide these types of services.

Jake Tucker died unexpectedly in 1971, leaving the business to his wife Ruth. As Ruth and her son Bill tried to sell the business, the part time, retired traffic managers that worked there convinced Bill to buy the business. He did.

1971 – 2004

Bill Tucker contracted to buy J.A Tucker & Company from his mother Ruth, armed with personal determination, the experience of the small, professional staff and the reputation his father had built. These attributes served Bill well and as a result 32 of 33 years Bill managed the company, Tucker increased year on year commissions. During this time the industry changed remarkably, and Tucker helped change it.

Bill and a handful of like-minded brokers founded the Transportation Intermediaries Association ( in 1978, to represent a quickly growing industry, and to learn and educate each other on a changing market. Simultaneously, Presidents Carter & Reagan deregulated the transportation industry, allowing truckers and shippers to negotiate rates between themselves with contracts.

Bill worked and wrote vigorously to benefit the blossoming freight brokerage and third party logistics industry through the deregulated 1980s. His writings and congressional testimonies stand about 6 feet tall!

During those years, Tucker Company Worldwide expanded its services to arrange for the movement of not only flatbed and heavy haul shipments, but dry van freight, temperature control, large and small LTL freight, and other types of shipments. Bill retired from Tucker Company Worldwide in December 2003 and sold the business to his sons, Jeff & Jim.

2004 – Present Day

January 2004, the third generation of Tuckers, Jeff and Jim succeeded their father after serving the company for 13 and 11 years, respectively. Both Jeff and Jim served in various positions in operations and inside and outside sales and in 1999 started the firm’s new logistics services group which accounted for more than 35 percent of total company wide sales by year end 2005.

Our greatest challenge, which is probably shared by many, was surviving and building the business in 2009. Through hard work and dedication by staff and management, Tucker did not experience a staff reduction, and has grown steadily since 2009.

In 2011, with positive momentum building, Tucker had the great honor of celebrating 50 years of service.

Today, Tucker Company Worldwide is a strong, highly focused freight company, with a solid reputation for service, professionalism and reliability. We believe in supporting our team members, developing decades long relationships with our customers, and working closely with our carriers to provide a unique, customer focused, shipping experience.